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Definition - SAP Web Dynpro?

SAP Web Dynpro use the features and functionalities of SAP technology for creating applications in ABAP. An awesome modeling environment utilized for creating UI web applications in a shorter time and with lesser endeavors, this SAP module accompanies a broad dynamic design tool in light of different systems. It is included a domain containing graphical improvement and exceptional tool of SAP WebDynpro, which are properly consolidated to form complete SAP ABAP condition applications.

Web Dynpro boasts of high demand in the SAP business due to the accompanying highlights:

  • Its graphical and analytical devices have diminished the manual effort of executing distinctive endeavors.
  • It underpins an organized plan structure with a reasonable demarcation between layout and business data.
  • The parts of WebDynpro can be re-utilized and are anything but difficult to keep up in business forms.
  • The format and usefulness of various route tools are easy to customize with Web Dynpro tools.
  • It plays out the functions of data authoritative and automatic input checking of information.
  • The ABAP environment turns out to be more solid with the integration of these uses of SAP.
  • A Dynpro (Dynamic Program) consists of a screen and its flow logic and controls exactly one dialog steps.

The diverse parts of the Dynpro are:

  • Flow Logic: calls of the ABAP/4 modules for a screen.
  • Fields Attributes: Definition of the qualities of the individual fields on a screen.
  • Screen Attributes: Number of the screen, number of the resulting screen, and others
  • Screen Layout: Positions of the content, fields, push buttons and so on for a screen 

Basic Concepts

We will consider a fundamental application for Employee points of interest for clarification reason.

1. View

A view is a visible screen territory and contains screen components. E.g. a content field for entering Employee Name

2. Controller

Each view has a devoted view controller and each part has a segment controller. View controller performs event handling based on actions triggered in a view. E.g. including Employee Employee details on a click of a button.

3. Window

A window contains at least one perspectives. For a view to being shown in the program at runtime, it must be inserted in the window. Windows have inbound and outbound attachments and a window controller which is worldwide and visible to all controllers within a component.

4. Component

A component contains all segments like views, controllers, windows and so on required to execute a WD application and goes about as an application entry point. Components associated with each other through component interfaces.

5. Application

The application is distinguished by a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) and is something executable for the client. At the point when the client summons the URL, WD makes an example of the applications root part i.e. beginning the root part and exploring to introductory view which thus is shown in an initial window.

6. Context

It is an archive of data and like an information container. data utilized as a views or component are put away in the specific circumstance.

7. Controllers

These are dynamic parts in Web Dynpro segment. Component Controller and Interface controller are fundamentally in charge of producing data which will be provided to View Controller for display. data that can be gotten to by the controller are characterized in the corresponding context.

8. Plugs

They can be partitioned into Inbound plugs and Outbound plugs. Plugs are utilized for navigation between various views. To explore from one view to the next, outbound plug of the calling view ought to be connected with the inbound plug of the called view. At the point when a view is entered through an inbound plug, it triggers the event handler technique and subsequently an event handler strategy is created for each inbound plug.

Scope and Opportunity of Web Dynpro Courses

Courses in this field are of extraordinary advantage to SAP programmers/application developers. As applications on this stage keep running at the front end, they give simple access to desired web pages, along these lines fulfilling clients with on-time solutions for different data needs. As the parts of this SAP module decrease the implementation efforts of any industry, enormous associations aim towards hiring Web Dynpro application developers for getting productive work yields from SAP ABAP platforms. Hence, there is a tremendous scope for experts in this field and they can look towards numerous great opportunities their direction.


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